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Spring has sprung, and summer's coming on! Everything's all kittywumpus with the server move, but we here in the Everything2 Evil Plots Cabal have special fun and games planned for you all. For the month of May we're running an extra special quest - the Mad Weeks of May! For each week of the month, we'll be updating the quest with a new theme or prompt to get your noding juices flowing. Throughout the week, we'll announce bonus rounds: daily challenges which will win you extra GP. Here's how it works:
  • New weekly prompts will go up on the Sunday of each week.
  • New bonus rounds will be announced in the catbox and in the quest writeup before noon EST.
  • Each submission for the weekly prompt will net 10GP.
  • Each submission for the bonus round will net 20GP.
  • Each dual submission addressing both the weekly prompt AND the bonus round prompt will net 50GP.
  • The most popular writeup for the quest per week (as gauged by C!s and reputation) will receive an extra 75GP bonus.
  • You can write for any active challenge, and aren't required to address any active bonus rounds: similarly, you can just write pieces for any active bonus rounds, and not for the weekly challenge.
  • Your writeup can be factual, fictional, artistic, theoretical. Just include any current theme/prompt as part of the piece!
  • Message the name of your writeup to myself to add it to the quest!
The first week of May has slipped away before the tiger's tail could be grabbed, but I've seized onto wertperch and painted stripes on him. Therefore, our first challenge will be a double: it will run Saturday of this week through Sunday of the coming weekend, along with the challenge starting on Sunday the 8th.

Start your engines, ladies and gentlemen!

Week One: Comfort Me With Apples

is inactive!

Deadline: Sunday the 15th, 0000 hours server time.

"Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love."

The Song of Songs is one of the world's oldest and finest love poems, and the source of much inspiration for later works and biblical imagery. For this week, take your inspiration from the humble apple. Give me pies, give me apple stories, give me comfort, give me lovesickness if you can hack something intriguing enough together. We won't look askance at you for a few flagons, either. Week One Special Bonus: All About Character is complete!

Character. Is it what's inside? Is it someone who's resoundingly strange - what a character! Is it an ASCII symbol or the patina on a piece of furniture? Tell us all about some character and drop us a line. As mentioned above, we'll offer extra rewards if you can include both the Week One theme and the Special Bonus Round in the same node.

Week Two: Artifacts

is inactive!

Deadline: Sunday the 15th, 0000 hours server time.

Are there jaggy marks in your .jpegs? Do you have a memento left over from a family gathering, or an inherited pistol? Maybe your characters have stumbled across some kind of ancient cursed lamp, or you've got something to say about the latest and greatest mechanisms found near Greece. Maybe your artifact is something personal, an old story that you leave in the dusty corner of your mental attic.

This, along with Week One, is a DOUBLE - special bonuses will be awarded for nodes addressing Week One and Week Two in the same writeup.
Week Two Special Bonus: Let There Be Light! is complete!

Let there be light! Tell us about an obscure sort of lightbulb, write us a piece about tricky willow wisps. Give us something personal about the light at the end of the tunnel - or a story about a lamp. Got a bonfire? Is the light a metaphor? Is the candle just a candle, or did you use it to ignite your cocktail? Give us something warm, give us something cold - just let it be bright, or at the very least, mildly luminous.

Week Three: The Moon in Transit

is inactive!

Deadline: Sunday the 22nd, 0000 hours server time.

The Full Moon is this week, and with it, a silvery theme replete with symbolism, mystery, and plenty of craters. Is it made of cheese? Does it represent some Great Goddess? Does it inform your tides? This month, the month of May, is the Milk Moon, the Dragon Moon, the Planting Moon, the Bright Moon, and the Hare Moon. Give us something about one of the moons of May, or simply something about the moon.

We'll take werewolves, we'll take poetry, we'll take factuals. If it's moon-related, scrawl it down and let us know! Week Three Special Bonus: It's An Ill Wind is complete!

Does the wind blow from the south (and kiss you on the mouth)? Are you haunted by a howling ghost? Are there dust-devils dancing? Are you stuck in a circle of hell? Is there a wind coming in over the Pacific, driving you mad? Maybe you've just got some bad luck. Maybe you'd like to tell us about meteorology or microclimates. Maybe you've just got some windy night or windy day tale to tell us.

Give us something about wind or bad luck, or a bad luck wind! As mentioned above, we'll offer extra rewards if you can include both the Week Three theme and the Special Bonus Round in the same node.

Week Four: Fate's a Bitch

is inactive!

Deadline: Sunday the 29th, 0000 hours server time.

Kismet. Chance. Luck. Fate.

This week, give us something about chances, about predestination, something about what end things have come to. Tell us about three wicked ladies giving prophecies: tell us about tarot cards and divination. Tell us what became of fallen cities, tell us about doom. Is it predestination or chance? Is it out for you, or something you'd like to embrace?

Give us fact, give us fiction, give us dreams, give us poems and history or poetic history!

Week Five: M'aidez, Mayflies

is inactive!

Deadline: Wednesday the 1st, 0000 hours server time.

All quests must come to an end, as must all stories. The Mad Weeks are no exception - on Wednesday, at 0000 hours, this quest will shutter windows and become another piece of E2 history.

But for the final 3.5 days we've got left to make merry, we'd like you to write us something pertaining to the month of May! Come what may, come mayflies, come mayday... if it's got may in it, make merry and give us something to close out these mad weeks so we can usher June right on in!

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