Both of the colleges I went to were Christian ones, and due to the fact that I'm a fairly good listener (among other things) I wound up with a large number of friends and aquaintances with very strange and frightening backgrounds.

Apparently finding a fellow Christian who will not only listen to your problems, but not judge you for them, is a rare thing. And this has been one of the more terrible realizations of my life.

Anyway. I have met more people who's parents are not only Christian, but dedicatedly staying together...and the result has nothing to do with following Christ. Parents who hate the marriage they've created, and who take it out on their children. Parents who spend their lives trying to distract themselves from what they've created, and effectively abandoning their children in the process. Parents who dealt with the stress of their lives by abusing their children, usually in the guise of discipline.

And I'm not at all confusing spankings with abuse, here.

Much as statistics can be made to show whatever you like, current polls still demonstrate, fairly accurately, that there is a much higher rate of divorce among Christians than non-christians currently.

Some study groups have made interesting conclusions that sex and relationships are better in Christian marriages, and that if people were just in Christian relationships, and staying in their marriages, we'd all be much happier.

However, from my prior experiences with my friends (many of whom were borderline suicidal, something which got several of them kicked out of our Nice, Christian schools) I can only say that staying in a marriage which is just making you more irresponsible and violent isn't good for anybody.

The above mentioned post talks about the wife respecting the husband. This actually goes both ways, as the husband is told, in multiple instances, to honor, protect, respect, and not frustrate his wife.

I see many marriages based soley on the emotion of the now, or on the need to get married because "all of my friends are doing it", or because it's expected of them by their peers, their parents, it's been a life long dream, whatever.

But they don't respect each other.

Dream/wish fulfilment, lust, deep emotional attachement, yes. But not respect.

And any long lasting relationship has to be based on mutual respect (and probably a little honor) or it isn't bound to last very long at all.

After all, if you really respect somebody, you aren't going to do anything to fuck them over. Including marrying them.

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