The coffee house across the street from UNLV used to make this concoction they called a Mocha Shake. It wasn't fancy. They just poured a cup of fresh brewed espresso into a softserve chocolate milk shake. Short and quick, but tasty. In and of itself it was fairly potent. For those extra hardy, need-to-stay-up-longer types they had an unadvertised special. For a couple extra bucks they would add two or three extra cups of espresso and then dump in some grounds for good measure. One full size drink like this had me up for something like 30 hours and I swear I could see the molecules dancing in the air. Caution; this sort of drink isn't for the weak, It can either keep you awake or send you into an immediate adenosine crash.

I recently needed to remain conscious for approximately thirty hours and knew it in advance. I waited twenty hours, then had a milkshake made from:

...this just barely failed to cause a massive coronary infarct, and I made it my thirty. I made it forty-two, in fact. I do not recommend this procedure at all.

The sacred beverage, for this geek anyway, does not contain coffee. I know, I know. It instead is made thus:

Take a 64-oz bottle, like a sports top bottle, one you would use for lugging around water all day to drink with you. Brew 4 cups of Celestial Seasonings Morning Thunder Tea (it has a picture of a buffalo on the box, and four cups of english breakfast tea.
Add milk and sugar to taste, but beware the yerba mate in the Morning Thunder cannot be completely masked. Now, put the lid on your container and swirl it gently to dissolve the sugar.

I had stayed up all night Tuesday night. I needed to stay awake for class yesterday, and so concocted this in a desperate attempt to stay conscious. It worked. I stayed awake for roughly twelve hours.

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