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The universe is the greatest piece of art.

Listen to a song, any song at all. Somebody created that song, and the universe created them. What are the chances that those elements and gasses that sprang out at the big bang would expand just so, and compact to form a planet like Earth, with people like us on it? People like us are the art. You just have to appreciate it.

We just sit here, converting chemical bonds into energy. 10^16 tiny synapses firing in our brains every second. 7*10^27 atoms forming 10^14 cells that work together in perfect harmony. Billions of years in the making, we're here now just so we can live.

Imagine, before our universe, a small particle in the void, and it begins to bloom. With tremendous force and energy, the chaos expands into something beautiful and serene. And in the vast space within this masterpiece: our little planet, and everything we've ever done. Out of all the things that that could have happened in this near infinite bubble, isn't it amazing that things turned out this way?

And isn't it strange to think that if things had gone differently, and some different form of us were here in our stead, they would marvel at the chances that they exist, and that things didn't go differently.

The very fact that things didn't go differently is an interesting bit of subjective evidence against atheism. Not necessarily for the existence of a God, however: randomized evolution and quantum mechanics could be preserved by the parallel universes theory, in which case we're in this universe because we've evolved to be here, and there are plenty of other random universes where things had gone differently, and thus, some different form of us is in our stead.

Given both possibilities though, I think Occam's Razor, though often used to disprove God, argues for God in this case, if for nothing else than one supernatural entity is less than an infinite number of supernatural entities.

Still doesn't mean any one religion is correct though.

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