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A game.

Everyone sits in a circle. At two opposite ends of the circle one person passes a match around clockwise and at the other side one person passes a watch around counterclockwise.

Whenever you pass an item on to someone else, you must go through this dialouge:

PASSER: This is a watch/match. (Offers item)
PASSEE: A what?
PASSER: A watch/match.
PASSEE: A watch/match. (Takes item)

Eventually the two items will end up at the same person. What happens then?
PASSER: This is a watch (Offers watch to left person), this is a match. (Offers match to right person)
LEFT & RIGHT: A what?
PASSER: A watch, a match.
LEFT & RIGHT: A watch, a match. (Takes items)

It's a good game for a laugh.

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