Today, I went on a valiant hunt for the legendary Tonic Water. Some would consider it brave, others foolhardy, while I considered it a treacherous but necessary act to obtain that most revered Nectar, without which life would not be possible, yea, verily the drink of the Quinine gods.

I began my desperate pursuit by trudging westward through the snow, along the horseless carriage trail commonly known in as Grand Avenue. I visited Whole Foods, the local alimentary repository. Alas, the foul beasts guarding the gates roared at me mightily, "No Quinine For You!" Discouraged, yet not deterred, I forged ahead in search of my goal.

A visit to the "Highlander", a fine vendor on the grounds of the local schooling facilites, rendered no fruit. I toppled to the icy Earth beneath, but struggled back up to continue my quest. I was next led to Super America, the friendly petroleum peddler. The folk there were sympathetic and told me rumors of the Great Tonic of Elation to be found at the home of a dealer of spirits.

Exhausted, drained, with nearly no energy whatsoever, I plodded northwards. Yet there, in the distance, lay a great, shimmering sign. I squinted, and soon detected the fantastic words: "DRIVE-IN LIQUOR". Reinspired and full of hope, I entered the establishment. To my right lay vast acres of untold glory, endless glimmering yellow vessels of encapsulated joy!

Reverently, I selected three of the quinine jewels, and reimbursed the merchant. I proceeded to egress, and made the journey home in a deep rapture.

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