'Expect The World' they're telling the globe. Today Toronto's Olympic bid team officially launched their campaign to host the 2008 Olympic Games here. The focus of their campaign is the emphasis on youth and technology in Canada, but little does the rest of the world know that there have been more than 20 schools closed in the Megacity of Toronto since last year. Is it irony or is it Big Brother trying to fool us?

The planners have set the site for the games in an industrial area where the water stinks like shit in high July and August when the humidity soars to ungodly heights. Lake Ontario is unfit to swim in in many places due to excessive sewage runoff after every rainfall and to expect the world's finest athletes to compete in a dense industrial (thank you Maxis!) site with turds floating by would definately be an insult to humankind.

Perhaps I'm being pessimistic but all of the bells, whistles and, gongs attached to the bid seem to be coming from the hands and mouths of the politicians and promoters. Not much can be said about where they want the competition to go on from the standpoint of a local.

We're technical and we're young they say. We're also going to demonstrate ourselves as an industrial city, that's for sure. Maybe this bid is a sales pitch to our American neighbours from the friendly Ontario Government. Maybe this is just another example of our tax dollars hard at work. Maybe you see me as a freak conspiracy theorist but I know I'm not alone in my thoughts.

I really hope that the bid is awarded to Paris.

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