Ugly Kid Joe, a pop-rock-metal-funk band formed in 1989 in Isla Vista, California. Think stereotype blonde afro surfer bums smoking the shit that people invariably smoke when listening to placid reggae jives and drinking vast quantities of alcohol while wearing tracksuits or shorts.

The band was made up of vocalist Whitfield Crane, bassist Cordell Crockett, guitarists Klaus Eichstadt and Dave Fortman (replacing Roger Lahr) and drummer Mark Davison.

Their name is in reference to Pretty Boy Floyd, probably some psychosexual Freudian insecurity rooted in their subconscious dating back to some childhood trauma regarding the size of one of their father's penis. Who knows? And no, their frontman isn't named Joe, nor is he ugly.

They're lyrically shallow, and haven't got much to say about anything very much, except maybe to declare that "Jesus Christ rode a Harley Davidson". It just seems to me they just stick words in for the sake of having a vocal line and maybe to vent what bizarre notions their substance abuse brings to surface.

But they got some nifty guitar riffs and are a relaxed, genuinely cool metal band with some groovy tunes.

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