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Before I get on with describing the Bumper Dumper, I'll just post the ad copy for you to digest.

The Bumper Dumper is not just a luxury, it's a necessity.

Whether you are a hunter, fisherman, camper, or off-roader, the Bumper Dumper is a great item for all outdoor enthusiasts. It's great to have on construction sites, traveling with kids, or at the beach. Anywhere you may need to go while on the go the Bumper Dumper is a must have item. Just a trailer hitch receiver on the back of your vehicle with a Bumper Dumper, and no more squatting in a bush, no more unstable, flimsy, rickety, undersized porta potty, and no more smelly unsanitary outhouses. Just plug the Bumper Dumper into your hitch receiver and the comfort of home is there when nature calls.

Everyone needs a Bumper Dumper. The Bumper Dumper will go with you anywhere you want to take it. Take it hunting, fishing, camping, boating, vacation, on the job, in the field, anywhere you may need to go.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming.

The Bumper Dumper is just a toilet seat. A toilet seat that's attached to a trailer hitch. You supply the bucket or plastic sack to go underneath of it. And best of all, it's only $59.95. The profit margins on this product must be terrific. And best of all, an attachment to handle toilet paper is only an extra $5.00.

The best part is the t-shirts. There are shirts to advertise your allegiance to Uncle Booger and his products of joy. Apparently, it's part of the 'wannabe redneck' culture so prevalent in the South of the States. Something to go along with people's fetish for two-tone Garth Brooks shirts and double wides, I suppose. Still better than Abercrombie & Fitch, I say.

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