After reading the writeup in 1943 Copper Penny this afternoon, I began thinking about my coin collection. I decided to create several writeups describing the history of different United States Coins. They were created out of order, starting with my writeup on the Original Victor David Brenner Penny from 1909.

I started creating more writeups on different kinds of coins, and then came up with the idea of creating writeups on the different categories of United States minted coins, along with descriptions of each design of each denomination. I started my writings with the One Cent coins, and went from there.

This is an index of those writeups. It's useful for anyone interested in the history of our coin currency in the United States. I suppose you could call it a metanode.

NOTE: This is a work in progress, and some coins may not be listed. Feel free to message me with additions to the list.

Many of these writeups don't yet exist, but they will. Eventually. Give me some time. In the interim, bold category headings denote completed sections.

Mint Marks:

Penny (One Cent):
• Fugio CentFlying Eagle CentIndian Head Penny1909 VDB1943 Steel Penny1943 Copper PennyMemorial Cent

Half Dime (Five Cents):
• Three-Cent PieceFlowing Hair Half DimeDraped Bust Half DimeCapped Bust Half DimeSeated Liberty Half Dime

Nickel (Five Cents):
• Shield NickelLiberty Head NickelBuffalo NickelJefferson Nickel

Dime (Ten Cents):
• Draped Bust DimeCapped Bust DimeSeated Liberty DimeBarber DimeMercury Head DimeRoosevelt Dime

Quarter (Twenty-Five Cents):
• Draped Bust Quarter DollarCapped Bust Quarter DollarSeated Liberty QuarterBarber Quarter DollarStanding Liberty QuarterWashington Head Quarter50 State Quarters TM

Half Dollar (Fifty Cents):
• Flowing Hair Half DollarDraped Bust Half DollarCapped Bust Half DollarSeated Liberty Half DollarBarber Half DollarWalking Liberty Half DollarFranklin Half DollarKennedy Half Dollar

• Flowing Hair DollarDraped Bust DollarSeated Liberty DollarGold Liberty Head DollarGold Indian Head DollarTrade DollarMorgan DollarPeace DollarEisenhower DollarSusan B. Anthony DollarSacagawea Dollar

• Double DieLiberty CapProof

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