I have heard many people describe their views on Deity as Pantheism. I have also heard many people describe their views on Deity as Polytheism. I have often agreed with the idea that "we are the universe experiencing itself"*, which has Pantheistic overtones. However, reflecting on Nature has brought me an appreciation for the harmony that results from conflict (ex: the food chain) which has Polytheistic overtones.

Now, if it can be said that Deity has an existence outside of the human mind, could its nature be compared to the wave/particle duality of quantum mechanics? When we need it to be a god or a goddess it is, but when we can just sit back and enjoy the show, its the universe.

Please note that this differs from the Duotheistic theology of THE God and THE Goddess, with all gods being one god and all goddesses being one goddess. With this wave/particle theology, all gods and all goddesses could be said to exist just as a single photon exists. However, just as we don't perceive individual photons, we often don't perceive the individual gods and goddesses or other beings, nor do we necessarily need to.

Is this the way it is? I don't know. But I think this is an interesting way to reconcile the Pantheistic and Polytheistic theologies.

*A quote from Delenn on Babylon 5

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