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Please read the Fuck You General Public Disclaimer before reading on, thank you.

This world is such a pit.

That's what I thought to myself one day as I sat on a sidewalk across the street from an abortion clinic that was being picketed by a group of life saving good-samaritans. Oh, sure...they're just defending the non-existant rights of an unborn fetus who may or may not be aborted, since the choice ultimately falls upon the mother("It's my body"). What a bunch of swell people, thinking so kindly of the poor, poor fetus. I saw a press-conference recently, where non-other than Christopher Reeves was begging the American govt. to lift it's ban on scientific research upon fetus tissue. Yay. I suppose you could say ol' Chris could go for some fetus research to save his own ass. But I'm straying from the point. So anyways, I'm sitting there, waiting to ride the ol' public tranportation, and there's these people picketing an abortion clinic. It was quite interesting to observe...watching them defend their outdated morals. Face it people, we live in a new world...populations are increasing exponentially. Simultaneously, we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of sex and erotic innuendos surround us. Everywhere. Everything. Yet, amongst this throng of sin there is kind of guilty devotion to the concept of pro-life. I can undestand your views, oh those poor unborn fetus' ... but what about the mother who, upon being exposed to your propaganda(yes, it's all propaganda, in fact, you could call this counter-propaganda), is convinced that she should, no no, she must carry the child to term, and bring it into what ever world fate has deemed appropriate.

I am of the belief that any person should be allowed to make any choices so long as no other person is affected.

And, by the coin of thought, you could say that the unborn fetus, soul and all, is affected. Yes, yes...I've heard it all before.

An unborn child has no human rights until it has completely exited it's mother's birth canal. It is because of this technicality that partial-birth abortions are allowed to happen for the time being, of course there are always vigilent individuals who would like to see such things destroyed! Made verboten!

I think it's fascinating that people are willing to kill OGBYN's who are willing to provide abortion services. And when the non-radical pro-life advocates hear about it, they say, "Oh, tis a shame. Of course, we don't support such atrocities!" ... and inside, they laugh.



So as i sat watching these people with signs, touting slanderous phrases like, "Stop murdering those who can't decide for themselves" and "They have a right to live", I thought unto myself, You know, in a way, they do have a right to live. But then again, so did the Chechnyan civilians killed by russian bombing, or the East Timorese natives, who being the last truly indigenous primitive culture, were slaughtered then colonized by the Indonesians, using American weapons provided in order to protect a nearby submarine trench.

It's interesting...reeeeaaally interesting.

When will this all end. When will you people just accept that we're all different, and let us make our own choices, and accept our own consequences. If we wish to murder a fetus then do scientific research on it, fuck you, you're not gonna goto the judeo-christian hell for it. In case you didn't notice, things are getting pretty crazy, crazy as in apeshit.

Who says who has the right to live and the right to die? No one does! We make our own destinies, and anyone who has the gaul to make such decisions is something akin to an army general, deciding who lives and who dies without a care, because the army general isn't affected by the fighting on the frontline. It's all over. It doesn't matter what you think. It doesn't matter what I think.

This is why I sometimes consider suicide

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