A 1998 movie starring Matt Dillon, Neve Campbell, Denise Richards, and Kevin Bacon. This could be described as a mystery/crime thriller, and at face value is actually a pretty good flick. What people will remember most about this movie, however, is the threesome involving the first three actors I mentioned. Yes, Matt, Denise, and Neve going at it like wild animals. That chapter has been reviewed on DVD so many times that I'm surprised I haven't heard tales of the laser actually burning a hole in the disc.

But, if you actually care about the plot, which takes place in upscale and backwater Florida, Matt Dillon plays Sam Lombardo, the super-popular high school teacher/guidance counselor. Kelly Lanier Van Ryan (played by Denise) accuses Sam of rape, as does Suzie Marie Toller (Neve). The whole thing goes to trial and, surprise surprise, Suzie turns on Kelly, the charges are dismissed, and the Van Ryan family doles out lots and lots of damages to Lombardo, who's now out of a job. What follows are more plot twists than anything you can imagine, including the aforementioned sex scene and an ending that will make it all worthwhile. So, if a friend asks you if you want to watch Wild Things, make sure you watch the whole thing. You won't be disappointed.

Source: www.imdb.com

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