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A shareware DOS computer game developed by the scene demo group Renassiance and published by Epic Games in 1993. A free-form scrolling top-down shooting game, with the player controlling a jet fighter/ship.

It had very good graphics for the time (in 256 colours), and was fast and smooth, but had difficult controls.

The gameplay involved choosing a ship (different ships had different capabilities: some were faster, some could carry more fuel/bombs, some had better weapons) and then destroying all main enemy targets. These targets were defended by other ships and various ground weapons.

The ship had limited fuel/bombs, but there were launching pads scattered around the map where you could refuel and rearm (it was possible to accidentally destroy these launching pads). There were four different types of bomb - normal bombs, cluster bombs, fire bombs and megabombs - and ships could only carry a certain weight of bombs. Their weights were weighted in the ratio 1:2:4:10.

You had unlimited continues, but you lost all your points when your ship was destroyed. There were two special 'modes' you could use with your ship - Shadow mode (which made your ship invincible) and Escape mode (which gave you a large speed boost) - both of which used large amounts of fuel.

The shareware version consists of the first mission (a mission consists of several scenarios). The registered version provided another three missions, and then you could buy an "additional missions" disk which provided several more.

It was totally written in 32-bit assembly, was one of the first games to run in protected mode, and mixed sound at 22khz, impressive for its time.

System requirements: 386 or faster, VGA, 2mb of memory. Also supports soundblaster, joysticks, gravis ultrasound and gravis gamepad. It won't run if you have any TSRs or memory managers loaded, so it is impossible to run it under Windows.

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