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According to Terry Pratchett, this is an ideal name for a pet cat -- the reason being that it's short, sharp, and easy to shout down the street at 4 A.M. when you've accidentally let the stupid animal out of the house while trying to push the leaky gutter back in place because your wife says it's driving her nuts.

There are several good arguments for not naming your cat at all, the most popular one being that they never come when called, anyways. But if you must name a cat, this is probably the best way to go about it.

Zut is also a french word translating roughly to damn! or rats! Kids in my french class back in middle school used it and it gradually became part of some of their everyday vocabulary.

Also a french counting game, where you count every number, but not the zut number, numbers ending in the zut number, or numbers that are multiples of the zut number, so if the zut number was 2 you'd have:

un, ZUT, trois, ZUT, cinq, ZUT, sept, ZUT, neuf ...

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