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A horse with tan or dun (yellow/gold) body coloration, but a black mane and tail. Black--either in solid "stockings" or zebra-like stripes--is fairly common on the lower legs as well. Buckskins may have a black or dark dorsal stripe, but do not always.

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Buckskin, a kind of soft leather, generally yellow or grayish in color. prepared originally by treating deerskins in a particular way, but now in general made from sheepskins. This may be done by oil, or by a second method, in which the skins are grained, brained, and smoked.

Entry from Everybody's Cyclopedia, 1912.

Buck"skin` (?), n.


The skin of a buck.


A soft strong leather, usually yellowish or grayish in color, made of deerskin.


A person clothed in buckskin, particularly an American soldier of the Revolutionary war.

Cornwallis fought as lang's he dought, An' did the buckskins claw, man. Burns.

4. pl.

Breeches made of buckskin.

I have alluded to his buckskin. Thackeray.


© Webster 1913.

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