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A system is said to be completely secure when only legitimate users may access the system's resources.

The only way to make a system completely secure is to completely destroy it along with all of its data.

Since this has other negative consequences, systems are usually only made secure enough. For example, a website administrator may decide to make their website secure enough so that script kiddies will not be able to gain illegitimate access. However, a determined and wily cracker or government would still be able to overcome their security measures.

An illusionary state of mind held by one (or both if they're stupid) party of a relationship. A relationship that is viewed by their friends and family as "shakey", "bad", etc.

Retorts often used by these people are:

  • It's okay if s/he flirts with other people, I trust her/him.
  • S/he told me that was the only time they ever went behind my back.
  • I can't think of some more witty ones..sorry
which is always followed by: I am completely secure.

See also: relationships based entirely on sex, relationships based entirely on money, relationships based entirely on love

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