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100 word challenge/miniquest in the style of grundoon's: Tell me of the nature of love.

Rules: 100 words or less, otherwise anything goes.

I am having an ongoing discussion with my friend, about connecting and disconnecting. He disconnects. He says he doesn't know what I am talking about. I have difficulty explaining something that seems as clear as daylight. As a child in an alcoholic household I learned to disconnect when things were not safe, which is often. I connected when I could. My connection with my sister was continuous and my connection with my children is continuous. It does not mean that I text them 47 times a day. We contact each other every week or two. But the connection remains open.

He says of course he disconnects when he goes to work/is busy. Ok, but then it exists.

So: does this connection exist? Do you stay connected or disconnect? What is "normal"?

Nonsense poetry, serious poetry, short essays, rants, scientific exposes, all are welcome. Up to 100 words, as a pile on node. Spin off nodes will also be considered....

This quest is live from December 7 to December 27th. You may pile on this node or connect by messaging me.

PRIZES! SECRET PRIZES! One prize is winner's choice: either a small original etching made by lizardinlaw/grudoon's mother OR if you'd rather, lizardinlaw will sing the 18 patient Blues into the voicemail of the US Senator of your choice.

Useful: E2 Word Counter

entries with other titles: the virtue of the disconnect


Four entries and four prize winners for the connect and disconnect miniquest!

1. etouffee gets a prize for connect and disconnect most C!s.

2. Nemosyn gets a prize for connect and disconnect most total votes.

3. drownzsurf ties with lizardinlaw for total votes but has more C!s.

4. lizardinlaw gets a prize for having run a quest that worked with much help from wonderful other noders and editors....and for an entry.

Prizes: 10GP each entry

etouffee, Nemosyn, and drownzsurf may each request either the call to the US Congressperson of their choice or one of four small original etchings, unframed, by lizardinlaw's and grundoon's mother. Examples (I gotter take photos and stick up on blog.)

lizardinlaw gets to rest on laurels (and is happy to trade addresses if mailing something, exotic postcards welcome).

Many thanks to Nemosyn as fellow judge and to Tem42 as editor sponsor.

And the prizes, the etchings, are here.

I don't like redheads!
Physically, chemically, sexually, I wanted you. I didn't have words yet to frame those concepts.

He gave me his phone number, he must like me!
But you never asked me to dance.

He rarely talks to me. I won't be risking his friendship if he says no.
You didn't say no.

Most people buy dinner for a third date. Not a computer.
I didn't say no.

I wish he would reply when I tell him about my feelings!
You listen, think, then quietly make the changes you need to make.




Once a year, we put up lights

on our houses,  over doors


Every holiday we place colors where it is drab

flashing on and off on trees,  or

a steady warm glow in our windows 


Once a year,  we put our lights away

into dusty cardboard boxes


We tease people who keep their lights up past New Year's

pretending the darkness does not bother us at all 










Like a plug
not a fire hydrant
pull it out
not coitus interrupt us;
or insert, do not immerse or worse.
Separate like bend until broken
words better not spoken
Given like a dime store token
but found in or on the dollar tree.


Whether in Autumn
or when you fall,
It all has a quarter hour of being famously
aimlessly, carelessly, caressingly
Like a cord that unwinds.
Shakespeare and Plato pugnaciously courageously
bend the rules like a five below special
that broke the porcine porcelain bank.

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