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From the 1755 edition of Samuel Johnson's Dictionary :

FA'BRICK n. s. [fabrica Latin.]

  1. A building; an edifice.
    There must be an exquisite care to place to columns, set in several stories, most precisely over one another, that so the solid may answer to the solid, and the vacuities to the vacuities, as well for beauty as strength of the fabrick.
    --- Wotton
  2. Any system or compages of matter; and body formed by the conjunction of dissimilar parts.
    Still will ye think it strange,
    That all the parts of this great fabrick change;
    Quit their old station and primeval frame.
    --- Prior
To FA'BRICK v. a. [from the noun] To build; to form; to construct.
Shew what laws of life
The cheefe inhabitants observe, and how
Fabrick their mansions.
--- Phillips

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