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For the granting of wishes
to be sung of a summer night on the water,
make a fairy boat...

What you'll need:

Word to the wise: walnuts are much easier cracked when frozen. After freezing, the walnut can be placed on a hard surface, pointy bit up, and given a good whack with a mallet or the flat of a hammer for easy separation. Once the nuts have been pried out of the shell, you can put them in a Ziploc bag and save for baking or snacking.

Now that you have your walnut halves, they can be painted (simple, inexpensive acrylic paint is perfect) and otherwise decorated with bold bead and glue gun for the pleasure of the fey, or to symbolize a wish you'd like them to grant.

Mount each small candle inside a shell half using candle putty (or the melted wax from a larger candle). Nestle your boats into some tissue in a shoebox, and drive out to the nearest deep country creek or peaceful city park pond. A large lake or ocean front may not be the best idea, largely because the tiny boats would be embattled by the tides. A gentle current is ideal.

If you are sailing the fairy boats with a child, having a few fairy tales to tell or fairy lore to share is a good idea. Light each candle while making a wish, and send the boat off to sail.

Doing this with a small group of close friends can also be lovely, as a small flotilla of tiny flames is beautiful against the water.

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