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One of the more perverse forms of schoolgirl fetishism in Japan are Buru-Sera shops. Meaning literally, "Bloomer and Sailor", these shops specialize in selling the used uniforms and gym outfits of schoolgirls. Here's a hint, girls don't buy these so that they can pretend to be attending a different school. Dirty old men pay high premiums for the unwashed garments of teenage girls, with prestigious school's uniforms demanding even higher prices. Typically included in the price is a photo of the previous owner, modeling the uniform.

This is, of course, also a mainstay of American culture, only there the sex objects are usually called teens. Of course, the sets of female teenagers and schoolgirls are
nearly identical. The difference is that the school uniforms that are mandatory in all Japanese middle and high schools make the "schoolgirl" aspect more obvious than the age aspect. Girls aged between about 16 and 20 are considered highly desirable almost universally, probably because of evolutionary reasons (they are the most fertile). And in Japan, the vast majority of girls in this age group whom you see on the street are wearing school uniforms.

Until graduating from high school, nearly every young person in Japan will wear a uniform to school every day. During the course of an average day in Tokyo, one might come across thirty to three hundred young girls in uniform. Navy blouses, white blouses, three-stripe-style, anchor-style, navy skirt, plaid skirt, black socks, white socks, flopisox. There are maybe three or four general themes on which junior high(chuugaku) and high school(koukou) girls' uniforms vary.

By the end of the day, one has been taunted by the same unattainable bauble dozens of dozens of times. When one is in the market to buy pornography, the prospect of seeing (what might as well be) the same girl who sat across from you on the train or waited next to you at the crosswalk seems pretty appealing. There's a standard for what young girls look like, and that the girls in your magazines and videos match the girls you have lusted after in real life makes for a satisfying purchase. Probably.

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