Funky ska/alternative rock group formed in Los Angeles in 1979 by junior high students Angelo Moore, Chris Dowd, Kendall Jones, Walter Kibby, II, John Norwood Fisher, Fish, and Charlie Down.

After touring for a few years, the boys signed with Columbia Records in the mid-80s and released a self-titled EP in 1985. It was a moderate success showcasing the band's hi-energy performances. The next year they released a full length album In Your Face and a Christmas EP called It's a Wonderful Life. Truth and Soul released in 1988, was an eccletic mix of old school soul music (with samples from Curtis Mayfield) and glam metal. It peaked at 153 on Billboard and expanded their audience due largely to the band's non-stop touring. Although they released a few more EPs (Ma and Pa and Bonin' in the Backyard), fans wouldn't see another full length album for three years.

Their best and most successful album to date:Reality of My Surroundings was a little slicker in production than their previous efforts, the band freely moved between music genres with a mix of ska, funk, and hard guitar licks reminiscent of Living Colour.

Fishbone's subsequent release, Give a Monkey a Brain and He'll Swear He's the Center of the Universe unfortuntely didn't establish them as superstars in spite of appearances at Woodstock 3 and their rampant touring schedule. In spite of lagging sales, they have hordes of dedicated fans and put on a fantastic live show.

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