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"Game rage" is a term used to decribe someone intensely involved in the playing of a video game who promptly explodes upon any contact with another human being. Much like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the way wanton violence messes with one's psyche, game rage is scary, serious, and can sometimes be dangerous.

As a device, it may slightly aid one's playing, but as a whole, it is harmful to the brain, blood pressure, and immediate family of the person suffering from the temporary affliction.

Considerably more common among males aged 10-50, game rage is quite abrasive and is characterized by one or more of the following symptoms:

Red face
Tense muscles
(namely arms and shoulders, be on the lookout for neck and back trouble as well)
"Angry faces"
(quite like a charged bull)
Yelling and/or screaming
Threatening stance
(if standing)
Obscene gestures to the television screen/monitor
General violent behavior
Holes in nearby walls
Flying objects
(lamps, cups, chairs, tables, video game controllers and consoles, other large electronic equipment, etc.)
Loss of blood
Flailing appendages
"Game Warp"
(experiencing the video game in one's sleep be it sight or sound)

Game rage is a rather new condition, but those who have experienced or studied it have found that one's mindset during gameplay must be that of frustration, and the "gamer's" immediate surroundings have some kind of a factor. Some suggest the conflicting environments (as well as the obvious ass-hard game) make the perfect scenario for game rage to occur.

Most game rage develops after prolonged exposure to incredibly difficult parts of console games (GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark or any overtly violent games are very common causes). Though computer games may show similar amounts of difficulty, many times the "gamer" is more immersed in the world that it creates, thus less likely to take it out on the outside world.

Someone suffering from game rage may exhibit the need to beat the ever-living fuck out of the thing nearest to them: this could be anything from pillows and couches to small animals and people. If the person shows such signs, seek help immediately (do not hesitate to use force).

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