Jungle rooms are typically found at larger raves. Within the all-encompassing blanket genre of techno, there are myriad sub-genres bifurcating for many levels. Naturally, these sub-genres vary in popularity.

If a rave's venue has multiple rooms, one will typically be the main room, and will usually be larger, have a better sound system, and will be played by the DJs who spin the more popular sub-genres (house, hardcore, trance, etc.) The jungle room is usually smaller with an inferior sound system, and focuses on playing the less widely accepted sub-genres of jungle, drum 'n bass, breakbeat and the like. It is worth mentioning that there is a lot of crossover between jungle and hip-hop, so it is not uncommon to hear the latter interspersed throughout the night.

Also, the fabulously decadent basement room in Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis was here? Don't kid yourself, honey-child, even though Elvis has left the building, he's still in the Jungle Room. It's decked out in a Hawaiian motif inspired by his travels to and from the islands during the filming of Blue Hawaii. The floor has wall to wall carpeting. But so does the ceiling! And the walls have exquisite wood paneling, a stone waterfall that covers the left wall (as seen from the Graceland tour), the skulls of several exotic and possibly extinct mammals, and the most hideously beautiful, gorgeously tacky orange, brown, green, and gold color scheme ever purchased by a hip person. Before he passed into the great cheeseburger in the sky, he recorded an entire album down here, in the juicy acoustics that a carpeted and wood-paneled room give. Not surprisingly, it was called "The Jungle Room Sessions".

Marc Cohn mentions "a pretty little thing, waiting for the King, down in the Jungle Room" in Walking in Memphis, and Douglas Coupland describes seeing two female Elvis fans dive onto the furry bed and rejoice in finding one of "His" pubic hairs. Last time I was there, the bed was in a different display.

if anyone can find the Coupland passage, or remembers which book it's in, let me know, please!

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