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Either a BBA, MBA, or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA or PhD). The usefulness of such training has been extensively questioned (see MBA) and students in more academic pursuits tend to look down on such applied degrees. Perhaps business administration needs better PR to show them that they learn more than the contents of Dogbert's Top Secret Management Handbook.

Liberal arts majors that I know tend to pity those with management degrees, as they are missing out on the supposed enrichment of a liberal arts education, all the while envying them for their future ability to pay off student loans. It doesn't help that at small universities those getting management degrees tend to be older and more conservative than other students. I once heard a Political Science student complaining that Business Admin majors got so much experience with presentations that they made his look bad.

Liberal science majors, on the other hand, look down on the mathematics required for a management degree. For some reason Accounting and Economics just isn't as worthy as Partial Differential Equations...

Computer Science and Engineering students tend to be divided on the issue depending on three things:

  1. Their experience working under those with management degrees.
  2. The probability that they will get such a degree themselves in the future.
  3. Their personal commitment to the theoretical aspects of their discipline.

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