An unfortunate and unavoidable menace for women who wear skirts to work especially in office environments. Aside from runs, nylons are also prone to not fit anyone properly regardless of the fact that your height and weight supposedly are calculatable into one of three sizes.

Because I am tall, most sizes end up stopping at mid-thigh and I run the risk of splitting them apart if I walk too quickly or sit down too fast.

Trust me on this one, gentlemen. The feeling of your ill-fitting nylons ripping in the crotch when you sit down is something you'll never understand.

Larger sizes are often too generous in the leg and the hose end up bunching at my ankles even if I hike the tops up above my tits.

**If you are lucky to get to wear whatever you want to work, please contact me and I will give you my resume.
Nylons, another word for pantyhose, are horrid, vile sleeves which are supposed to cover women's legs so that we look like we have no hair, like the Madonna. (See: Madonna-whore complex, Victorian thought, Puritanical thought, and why american women shave their legs)

In addition to generally being mal-fitting, they are also likely to cause hygene problems. Women are not meant to have their crotches kept at high temperatures, and nylons trap the heat in there.

The best solution for the problem of nylons is to not wear them. Wear stockings instead. I advise the use of garter belts instead of garters. This doesn't solve the problem of getting runs in your stockings, but it will solve issues about tearing and sagging because of women's clothing size woes (if you get a garter belt with adjustable straps).

A Canadian a cappella pop group, started in Toronto in 1978, with four members:
Tenor Claude Morrison
Tenor Garth Mosbaugh, (who replaced [Micah Barnes, who replaced Paul Cooper)
Baritone Mark Cassius (who replaced Gavin Hope, who replaced Billy Newton-Davis, who replaced Marc Connors
Bass Arnold Robinson (who replaced Ralph Cole, who replaced Dennis Simpson ).

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