We meet somewhere on busy streets, in the masses of people. I know your name, and you know mine, but we are lost for now.

We meet where intersections freeze to death, where crossings speak of human dread. After all, the worst of fears is of that which belongs to our deepest longings.

We meet at the buildings of doom, divinity and dragons. I observe the aged gargoyles, you observe your hatred framed in yet another glass surface, shining brightly. We come to stand close, and all the hairs on my arms rise up. You look rough, shades of lone nights. I wonder what you drank yesterday. And your beard needs a trim.

Haven't I told you that you look better without?

Though I wouldn't know, never having seen you like that.

We meet again through weird accidental streets which we need to pass on weird accidental days. You lament all the pretty girls who like to listen to you talk, and I talk because you tell me I have such a good and brave heart. To you, I belong to the pure ones. While words cringe at your breath, you mention meaningless gestures and forgotten years of wanton lust. In my mind's eye, you turn into a being of desire. But you are graced with warmth, and I wish I could embrace it.

There, where we meet, standing side by side, I realize you are but a toothless tiger cub. You are not yet accustomed to my ancient ways.

I hope you never will be.

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