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Pixie Dew is an ultra-powerful beverage consisting of the following elements:

-One or more packages of pixie stix (preferably two)
-One two liter of mountain dew
-As an added bonus, two cups of sugar may be added to the mix

It is created as follows:

1) Go outside (this is a must, you WILL spill the dew)!
2) Open the two liter (the dew is to remain in this container).
3) Slowly pour in the sugar (if you have chosen to go this route).
4) Now empty the pixie stix into the bottle.
5) If you have yet to notice, the dew will fizz up like crazy. This is why you must be outside!
6) After you have emptied all of the pixie stix and sugar into the bottle, it should have a dark black look.
7) If the mixture seems to have somewhat settled at the bottom, replace the cap and very carefully slosh the bottle around.
8) Open the bottle to release excess pressure.

Now the fun begins. You must drink it very slowly and in very small amounts! If you do not follow this rule, you will begin to feel like an alien is going to burst from your chest.

Pixie dew is thought to have originated in the Ann Arbor, MI area during an all night DJ stint (by Henry K, you know who you are).

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