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two foot long plastic candy canes hide in ambush over your head. barber pole stripes in lucky charm secondary colors lick lips, plot to stir you up like a tornado lamp. but you gotta ask for it, pull and chew on the end til its all damp with head juice, and then it clogs and crusts over immediately, pluggd up in hypus interruptus.

stories of 200-pacs devoured by vanloads of ravers are told in hushed tones to gaggles of the little paper straw versions.

accept no substitoots.

singular: "pixy stik."

Personally, I prefer pixy stic as the singular.

Apart from the heavenly giant mutated pixy stix, there are also regular, normal sized ones. These are about 16 cm / 6 in long paper tubes filled with delicious sugary goodness.

Another interesting thing that sets them apart from other types of Halloween candy is that these puppies are labelled for individual resale! That's right, on the side of every one of these papery straws of beauty is a list of ingredients: "Dextrose, Citric Acid and Less Than 2% of Artificial Flavors," and the colors which vary by flavor.

Pixy Stix are sold under the Wonka brand and manufactured by Nestlé.

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