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Kind of like small talk, expect people engaging in polite conversation don't necessarily have to like each other, or even be on neutral ground. They also don't have to know each other. Polite conversation is what I make with my racist, sexist grandmother whenever I happen to find myself in the same general vicinity as her and can't gracefully extract myself from the conversation.

To whom it concerns,

I hate polite conversations.I don't know why exactly, but we have been having a lot of conversations that go like this:

". . . So, how are you?"
"I'm good."
pause in conversation
"How are you?"
"Great!! I went to a party last night, it was awesome."
"Wow!! So, that was good then?"
"Yeah, it was good."
awkward silence
"So. . ."
"sooo. . ."

I don't have a problem with silence. I can handle silence. It is when we just start trying to talk without really having anything to say that I get weirded out. I guess it bothers me that there isnt anything to say. . . or that there is something to say that isn't being said. I HATE superficiality.
I want it to stop. I want us to stop pretending like we can talk about the weather and the storm will pass. It isn't going away, it is growing, and when it breaks. .. I would rather be standing with you then wondering how long it is going to be before the wind blows me over.

"So. . .How's the weather?"
"Oh, you know. . ."
"Yeah. Well, it was nice talking to you. . ."
"yeah, it was nice."

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