Compiled overview of the 80 ton Striker 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

Built by Stormvanger Assemblies Unlimited in 2550, the Striker was one of the SLDF's earliest assault 'Mechs. It was the fastest and heaviest 'Mech in the Star League inventory until advances in technology displaced it to second-line and garrison units. Over the long centuries of the Succession Wars the number of Strikers left in the Inner Sphere steadily decreased; at present less than 300 Strikers remain operational. The primary production facility for the Striker was destroyed during a Kurita raid in 2867, and no new Strikers have been produced in recent years.

Built with the largest fusion plant available at the time of its initial design, the massive weight of the Striker's engine limited the weapon systems the design team could install. The primary weapon is a HellStar Particle Projection Cannon, supplemented by a Defiance B3L Large Laser to give the Striker a respectable one-two punch. Secondary weapons are a Pontiac Light Class 5 Autocannon with one ton of ammunition and three Hellion-b II Medium Lasers. The Striker also has fifteen heat sinks and thirteen and a half tons of armor.

The armed forces of House Steiner and House Liao possess most of the Star League-era Strikers, and all of the Steiner machines remain in military forces stationed in the Lyran Alliance. House Liao has recently deployed its Strikers in its front-line 'Mech units, whereas most Lyran Strikers are in militia units along the Steiner/Periphery border near Marik space. The rest of the known Strikers are spread throughout the Inner Sphere and the Periphery, reportedly in the possession of several mercenary units.

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Striker was the originally titled mascot for the USA '94 soccer World Cup - a smug dog wearing a white T-shirt and blue shorts generally seen with a football. Appeared in much official merchandising before sadly (?) being confined to the murky depths of history after the tournament.

The FV-102 Striker is the anti-tank guided weapon vehicle currently used by the British Army. Built by Alvis Vehicles Limited and British Aerospace Defence Limited, there are approximately 48 in service, forming part of the CVRT (Combat Vehicle Reconnaisance Tracked) series. The Striker system provides a mobile, hard-hitting anti-tank platform able to keep up with the MBTs of the army, the Challenger 2.

Striker is used by the armoured reconnaisance regiment, in troops of four vehicles each. The missiles do not have to be controlled by crew inside the vehicle itself, as a seperated sight enables Striker to be hidden in dead ground and the missiles can then be fired and directed from up to 100m away. A major drawback ,however, is the reload procedure. This has to be done from outside the launch vehicle, dangerously exposing the crewman who has to reload the missiles.

The Swingfire missile currently in service (costing £7, 500 each) is likely to be replaced by either the MR (Medium Range) or possibly the LR (Long Range) Trigat, a European collaborative project (mainly between the UK, Germany and France). The chassis is also likely to be replaced by a new Multi Role Armoured Vehicle, or MRAV, variant.


Length: 4.8 m
Width: 2.2 m
Height: 2.2 m
Weight: 8, 346 kg
Ground clearance: 0.35 m
Max road speed: 80 kph
Road range: 483 km
Engine: Jaguar J60 No. 1 Mark 100B (to be refitted with diesel engines by 2005)
Fuel capacity: 350 litres
Horsepower: 190 bhp
Crew: 3 (driver, operator/gunner and loader)
Main armament: Swingfire ATGW (Anti Tank Guided Weapon)
Other armaments: 7.62 mm machine gun, Smoke Dischargers (Royal Ordnance VIRSS *)
NBC Proof: Yes
Night Vision: Yes

* VIRSS = "Visual and Infra Red Screening Smoke"

"The British Army: a Pocket Guide"

Strik"er (?), n.


One who, or that which, strikes; specifically, a blacksmith's helper who wieds the sledge.


A harpoon; also, a harpooner.

Wherever we come to an anchor, we always send out our strikers, and put out hooks and lines overboard, to try fish. Dampier.


A wencher; a lewd man.




A workman who is on a strike.


A blackmailer in politics; also, one whose political influence can be bought.

[Political Cant]


© Webster 1913.

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