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The common name for the unfortunate and uncomfortable affliction, most common in overweight or otherwise unhealthy people, in which the crevice formed by the two cheeks of one's rear end become very sweaty and sticky. This area of the body is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, especially if one does not bathe regularly. And due to its proximity to the anal sphincter, this dark, warm, moist crevice tends to have a most unpleasant smell, which transfers to the sweat created in this area. The amount of sweat tends to increase when one is sedentary for long periods of time or if one, for some reason, is unable to defecate at will. In most cases, a foul-smelling wet spot is left on the back of the pants.

Usually the problem can be prevented by washing the area thoroughly and then immediately applying Gold Bond or some comparable powder to your skin. Temporary relief can be achieved by absorbing the noxious liquid or allowing it to dry by increasing ventilation, but the smell itself can only be decreased through cleansing.

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