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A tribute band (not to be confused with a cover band), is a band who attempts to emulate in every way the band they are in tribute to. This includes dress, make-up (if you're in a KISS tribute band), mannerisms, speech, and on-stage antics. The idea of a tribute band is that people get to see what the real band looks and sounds like long after the band has broken up, or in places where the band has never toured.

Notable tribute bands:

      Crystal Ship (The Doors)
      Physical Graffiti (Led Zeppelin)
      Detroit Rock City (KISS)
      Draw The Line (Aerosmith)

"I've got all of your albums!" - A fan, to Gene Simmons lookalike

"Well then give them back!" - Gene Simmons lookalike's reply

There is a second group of tribute bands, also known as cover bands, that emphasizes emulating the music over mastering the mannerisms of the authentic.  I guess that would or wouldn't be the Rutles, or Beatlemania.   Some more examples of current 21st century performers of this kind:
(r) 2004.11.28@21:32 @ dem bones says re tribute band: Any reason not to fully link Tiny Tina?

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