To smoke. Refers specifically to the action of lighting the cigarette (or joint).

The anthem for marijuana smokers everywhere Light Up is the first track on Styx's 1975 album Equinox. The track never made the Billboard charts as a single on its own, but it was one of the best songs on the album (along with Lorelei and Suite Madame Blue). The album Equinox spent 50 weeks on Billboard's top 100 albums in 1975 and acheived Gold Record status for sales.

Oddly in late 1976 Light Up was released again as the B-Side of the single Mademoiselle (from the Crystal Ball album). This time the song gained more exposure when the single stayed on the Billboard Top 40 for another 12 weeks. The song is veritable staple at every Styx concert. Even after 37 years Light Up still gets occasional airplay on classic rock radio.

This album was the last Styx album that featured John Curulewski (guitars, vocals and synthesizers). (After Equinox John was replaced by Tommy Shaw). The other band members performing on this song include Dennis DeYoung (keyboards, vocals and synthesizers); Chuck Panozzo (bass guitar and vocals); John Panozzo (drums, percussion and vocals); James "JY" Young (guitars and vocals). DeYoung sings the lead vocals.


Light up everybody
Join us in this celebration
Light up and be happy
Sweet, sweet sounds will fill the air

Every day's a holiday when your lips meet mine
The music's keepin' time with our love
You are here, and so am I
The weather's quite divine
So pass me round your wine, lovely one

All I need is just one hit to get me by
'Cause baby when your near I'm halfway high

Repeat Chorus x 4 (and fade)

--written by Dennis DeYoung

Light Up is also the name of a very good Styx tribute band that hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The group also performs under the name Rhythm Method when they aren't doing their Styx set. Check out their web page at and listen to some of their songs. They really do an excellent job -- even getting the odd sounding synthesizer music to sound exactly right.

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