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Just now I was walking back home from the UC Theater after just having watched the director's cut of The Last Emperor. I decided I was hungry, so I got the idea to stop by Crack Alley. I hadn't seen my friend Dave since he got back in town so I pulled out my cell phone and dialed him up.

Just then I was turning the corner from Oxford onto Durant, and I noticed two very attractive girls getting into a car parked right there. I smiled, and just then Dave picked up the phone. I started talking with him, crossing the street. Two steps before reaching the median I heard over my shoulder "Hi!"

Turning, I saw the blonde girl I had just smiled at standing behind the car smliing at me. She was gorgeous. I tripped over the median. "Hi!" I called out, "How are you?" Dave was getting a little confused, but I didn't hear what he was saying.

"Are you single?" she asked. On hearing that I was (am): "Anything going on?"

"I'm just heading up this way to grab some food."

"Want a ride?" She had a great smile, I noticed, standing in the middle of a 4-lane road.

Before the "YES!" made it to my lips, the girl sitting in the driver's seat said something inaudible to her, and so she called to me "Never mind," got in the car, and drove off.

Heading up the block I retold the story to a very confused Dave still on the line, and he told me all the cool stuff always happens to me.

"No," I corrected him, "All the cool stuff always almost happens to me."

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