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I must respectfully disagree with those who would insist that tea bags are hell-spawned evil.

Bigelow makes really good tea, and crams lots of flavor into their tea bags. I'm very fond of several of their varieties:

I have a really big mug at work, so I'll usually grab a tea bag (individually wrapped in vacuum-sealed packets, mind you!), toss it in my mug, fill it with hot water from the spigot on our industrial coffee machine, put about 2 tbsp of sugar in it, and let the tea bag swim silently for about 5 minutes.

What I am about to tell you makes me the subject of odd stares and curious comments. Nonetheless, I do it.

I suck on the tea bag.

Yes. After the tea is at its peak of flavor, I will remove the teabag and suck all of the moisture out of it before I throw it away. Why? Two reasons:

1. It is one of the most flavorful sensations you could ever hope to experience.
2. That's TEA in there! It's trapped! I must rescue it!

Once I've drained the tea bag of its captive tea, I throw it away, and proceed to enjoy my steaming mug. Yum.

YES. While adding milk to Earl Grey is as horrible as eating a steak cooked well-done, adding sugar brings out the flavor. I make it a general rule for myself not to add milk to any tea that I drink.