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I eat dice. Don't all roleplayers? No? Then what do they DO with them all?
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I am a roleplayer and a geek.

No matter what else I may do or say, this holds true down to the core of my being.

Thanks to WonkoDSane for all the help he has and is currently giving me. He da man.

I eat dice.

I love knowledge about anything, no matter what the topic. I am a strong believer in intelligence and, if I weren't such a softie (and weren't afraid of what it might do to quite a few industries which keep today's society going), would wholeheartedly support loading stupid people into a giant catapult and launching them into the sun. Launchinig things we don't like into the sun is the best way to get rid of them with no unpleasant effects, 'cause it always worked for Superman.

If I were a superhero, I would probably be Resurrection Man. He comes back to life when he dies, and gets a new power every time. It'd keep life interesting.

My favourite comics are probably The Tick (the original Ben Edlund issues), Madman (dispite the fact that Mike Allred, while keeping his artistic talent, seems to have lost what originally drew me to his work), Too Much Coffee Man, Poison Elves, Bone, Nodwick, Knights of the Dinner Table, and just about anything produced by Kaja Foglio and Phil Foglio.

My favored webcomics are PVP, Real Life Comics, Exploding Dog, Penny Arcade, Wendy, and Diesel Sweeties.

I roleplay quite a bit (never as much as I'd like), and usually play 3rd Edition D&D. This is not so much for love of the system (as I am not all that fond of class and level based systems), but because of its ease of use and that most of the gamers I play with happen to prefer it. I am working on house rules which convert the D20 system from class and [level based to strictly point based. I may be better of starting with GURPS and tweaking it to the way I want it. Oy.

Food is good. Bow wow wow.

My favourite authors are Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, William Gibson, and Neil Gaiman.

I am a lazy, procrastinating, easily distracted completist. Which is to say I'm miffed half the time that something I haven't done yet or haven't finished isn't done. Humour me.

I very rarely allow myself to become bored. Unless I'm specifically putting off doing something that is the only thing I need/want to do at the moment.

Enough about me. How about you?