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The boy from Brazil. Bob Burnquist has brought a fresh new skating style to the ramp. Bob Burnquist owns two Bronze medals in the Extreme Games and a Gold, Silver and Bronze in the city slam, those medals for both Vert and Street.

Originally from Rio De Janeiro, Bob has been skating since age 11. Bob has a determination like no other skater, he skates with broken bones (in the 1998 X Games he skated with a broken wrist, uncasted) and attempts complex switch stance tricks regardless of the fact he knows he'll probably come out with another broken bone. His style is completely unique, and while not the best of skaters, Bob has the potential to do anything.

Most noteably, Bob has an amazing All-round ability. He skates the ramp as naturally as he launches himself over stairs and down rails in street competitions, making Bob Burnquist one of my favourite skaters.

Bob rides for Brazil and The Firm, his other sponsors are eS, Fury, Ricta, Hurely and Oakley. Also the first to pull off an eggplant revert, known today only as the Burntwist.

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