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Most of the below is probably out of date. Oops.

Good things can happen when you least expect them.

Node to self: You are not good at reading other people's feelings. Don't do anything stupid
20/05/2004 Woohoo, I got my postcard from dannye! As promised, he doesn't like me!
07/03/04: Yay! level 4, thanks to Banknote security features!
Now that I have the mighty power of C! I can't think of anything to use it on! An unloved node (your's or someone else's) you know about? tell me! I can't promise I'll C! it, but if it's good I want to read it!.

Where do babies come from?

The Baby farm.

"We all want true love, but in the end we settle for a cheeseburger and chips"

Mmmm..... burger

Read Bag of Crushed Child (by Jet-Poop). It's the best film ever.

I'm currently reading maths at the University of Cambridge (St John's College). All power to the mathmos! Will integrate for foodDammit, stop paying attention and before you know it you've graduated. Oh well, I'm a glutton for punishment.Am now a corporate whoreWrite nifty stuff in Rails

I have never met a real live noder (apart from people I knew before I knew E2). Are you all bots? My favourite toast is evil. I do not like things with stones in them. I hate the hair on my big toe. I spend too much time and effort trying to second guess and anticipate people's thoughts, actions and motivations. Stop me, or don't. I'll be trying to work out which one you are doing anyway.

About me? Not much to say really. I like this place. I am a bloke. You can take my macs when you prise my cold dead fingers from them. Or chop off my arms. I love my cat, a lovely ginger tabby with terminally bad table manners. Dogs are messy, I don't like them. Creative isn't my style. I'm shy, honestly I am. I don't bite or scratch, at least not if I'm still being shy. My great great grandfather had 1 wife and 13 concubines. Can I beat that? Probably not. I am lazy. I used to worry about not knowing what to node about, now I have plenty of ideas but rarely get around to doing anything. I like wine, and live in the right country for that most of the time (Oops, not any more. Sucks to be me). No smokey but occasional drinky. I hate phones. Urgh.

Node more crime!

Mark Hofmann, Jean-Claude Romand, The case of the poisoned Josacine

Node more maths!

Ramsey's theorem, Primality testing, differentiable, little o notation, derivative of e^x, countable, Determinant ...(see 10998521's maths for the masses project)

Node more space stuff!

Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter, Galileo, James Webb Space Telescope, Hubble Space Telescope, New Horizons: Mission to Pluto, Operating Missions as Nodes on the Internet: IP in Space, IRSI/Darwin, X-38

Node more weird stuff!

iLoo, Purring Kitty, The Falkirk Wheel

Node more!

(note to self)

My voting policy

  • I chingWhen I feel like it.
  • I upvote: Good factuals, Great fiction, stuff that touches me (that does not include teenage angst), stuff that makes me think (except stuff that makes me think "what an idiot"), well written opinions (I don't have to agree with you as long as your argue your point reasonably well)
  • I downvote: One liners, badly written things that piss me off, teenage angst, unexplicated lyrics, plagiarism, inaccurate factuals
  • I ignore: most fiction or poetry, most daylogs, things i do not feel strongly about either way

Political compass:

Economic Left/Right: 0.50 (what can I say? I'm a capitalist pig, intent on crushing the worthless proletariat. Little shredded workers dans son jus de travailleurs exploités is my favourite food)
Authoritarian/Libertarian: -3.69

The spelling zone
Its mie home noad so I gets to spel things lik I want and you cant complane! (Allthough your probably abel to tel intenshional mispellings from genuwin ignorrance) Grammer is for weanies!

Funky graph courtesy of the E2 Nodegel Visualizer (generated on 06/04/2004 at 8pm)

No more pretty picture. I got tired of it.

I solemnly covenant that lots of my writeups shall be factual, because I'm incapable of writing fiction of any sort. I do not like people who write in capital letters. They should be rounded up and whacked over the head with a variety of giant capital letters made of something hard.

I like this writeup, so blow me.

Do you smell like fish? You could have Fish Odour Syndrome (Please don't laugh it's an incurable disease). Then again, maybe you should shower more often.

Yay, I saw one of my nodes in the random node nodelet!

Noded for her pleasure

7 times:
Servo5678: Apple Menu, shareware, SecureIDE, Site Finder, GeForce FX, Inkwell, Super Soaker
4 times:
Omnidirectional Halo: Open source software and Apple,diagonalization,DVI,bundle
Anark: Bar Billiards, Primality Testing, random variable(my first C!, yay!)
C-Dawg: countable, Serge Humpich, cocoa bindings
drownzurf: Jean-Claude Romand, Site Finder, The case of the poisoned Josacine
Hexter: laser pointer, TRR, Super Soaker
Lometa: James Webb Space Telescope, IRSI/Darwin, X-38
momomom: bedder, WIG-craft, geothermal power
sekicho: Airbus, Jean-Claude Romand, Serge Humpich
sid: The Mont Blanc Tunnel Disaster, Sant'Anna di Stazzema massacre, Banknote security features
tes: New Horizons: Mission to Pluto, primality testing with Perl regexs, Taylor Series

arieh: iLoo, Mark Hofmann
BrianShader: Operating Missions as Nodes on the Internet: IP in Space, Open source software and Apple
GoodKingNerdnor: Determinant, Power Mac G5
Gritchka: inverse function, countable
jaubertmoniker: Fish Odour Syndrome,primality testing with Perl regexs
KissThis: Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter, Google Calculator
kto9: Thermal Entropy Generator, Egyptian division
novasoy: Honda Civic Hybrid, PowerBook Duo
olmanrvr: Galileo, Apple Menu
Rancid Pickle: Thermal Entropy Generator, The Mont Blanc Tunnel Disaster
SharQ: Target Disk Mode, Xcode
Simulacron3: Quartz Extreme, cocoa bindings
smartalix: Galileo, Dickin medal
spiregrain: The Falkirk Wheel, Jean-Claude Romand
wertperch: Green Goddess, Bar Billiards

abiessu: Why putting ~/bin or . in your $PATH is a bad idea
ariels: Ramsey theory
avalyn: cocoa bindings
borgo: Doctrine of Signatures
Catchpole: Continuous nowhere differentiable function
Chiisuta: The Falkirk Wheel
Chris-O: geothermal power
dabcanboulet: Perfect game
dannye: Hubble Space Telescope
dg: Hubble Space Telescope
donfreenut: Why putting ~/bin or . in your $PATH is a bad idea
Dreamvirus: Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter
dTaylorSingletary: Xcode
Ereneta: Unitron Mac512
etoile: Site Finder
FeltTips:Doctrine of Signatures
Fruan: Fish Odour Syndrome
Grzcyrgba: Trace
haze: Sant'Anna di Stazzema massacre
Heisenberg: Quartz Extreme
Ikura: {Mark Hofmann]
jessicapierce: Purring Kitty
JohnnyGoodyear: Google Calculator
Kalkin: geothermal power
koreykruse: differentiable
lawnjart: Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter
mawa: TGV
Miles_Dirac: Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter
mkb: Daystar Digital
mr100percent: Google Calculator
m_turner: Mark Hofmann
Nailbunny: Fish Odour Syndrome
neil: primality testing with Perl regexs
Nero: James Webb Space Telescope
NinjaPenguin : DVI
Posmella: Serge Humpich
Pseudo_Intellectual: TGV
rootbeer277: James Webb Space Telescope
sloebertje: Banknote security features
Svarre: Galileo
Tem42: Hubble Space Telescope
TheBooBooKitty: Safari (the web browser, not the thing with animals)
trainman: Powerbook G4
Waywatcher: Super Soaker 2000
witchiepoo: Fish Odour Syndrome
xdijo: Google Calculator
XWiz: Apple Menu

Personality type INTJ. Criminal mastermind, sounds good to me!

Version: 3.1.2
GM/IT/CS dpu s: a-- C+++ UB P+ L+ E- W++ N++ o-- K- w-- O? M++$ V? PS+ PE++ Y+ PGP- t+@ 5? X+(++) R- tv--() b+ DI++++ D+ G e++>++++ h+(!) r% y+

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