Professional wrestling manoeuvre.

The Spiral Bomb is a devastating impact move used by several wrestlers over the years, but is currently in vogue due to it being the chosen finisher of Brock 'The Next Big Thing' Lesnar.

It is performed thus:
  • Pick up your opponent by the legs and neck, in textbook scoop-slam style.
  • When your opponent is lifted onto your shoulder, instead of slamming him, rest him on your shoulder.
  • Swing his body around your neck so he is over your other shoulder, all the time keeping your grip on his neck.
  • His momentum will carry his legs around away from your body. When he is at ninety degrees to your body with his head in the cradle of your head and bicep, drop your legs away from underneath you and propel his head downwards to the mat.
  • His body will follow in a full, front-first bump.
  • Call an ambulance.