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Wow...I made blueberry muffins today that REALLY sucked!! I hate when a recipe looks really good, then blows chunks. First off, the recipe called for 1.5 c sugar and 2 c flour. I'm sure many great recipes exist with this high sugar to flour ratio (I made very scrumptious pumpkin bars last week that had a ratio of 1:1), but that seems a bit much to me for a muffin recipe. Maybe I'm wrong? Also, the recipe called for 4 teaspoons of baking soda!!!

I can't blame everything on the recipe, though. I did burn the first batch while putting my son to sleep (he awoke in the middle of the baking time). Those muffins were pretty dark. However, they didn't really taste burnt...if the recipe wasn't so bland I think I would have saved them from the trash. And I used butter instead of margarine, even though the recipe called for margarine. Could this have contributed to the muffins' demise? They tasted essentially like baking soda, sugar and blueberries, hardly rose, and collapsed in the middle.

Anyways, other than the muffins sucking monkey butt, I think I had an okay day. Isaac and I had a few minutes to burn before church, so we played at a park for a bit. There, we met a sweet black on white kitty who looked very lost. Someone obviously loved this kitty, as he appeared well fed (but not fat) and well groomed, and had been declawed. However, he wore no tags or collar. The kitty played with Isaac's feet as he swung on the swings. I love to hear my little guy giggle. That almost made up for the fact that my husband wouldn't come to church (I appreciate that hubby's asking questions about his faith, but I wish he would actually search for the answers).

The kitty and I made a deal; if he was lost, he would wait for me at the park and I would return after church to help him find his home.

While at church, I left Isaac in the nursery. He's 7 months old now, so he doesn't sit quietly like a good parishioner like he use to. I missed singing worship while holding him, maybe next Sunday I'll deposit him in the nursery between worship and the sermon.

After church, Isaac and I returned to the park to find the same sweet kitty, waiting for us. After briefly checking the surorunding neighborhood for missing posters, we took the little thing home.

As cute as the kitty is, it did not thrill my hubby to find him in our bathroom. Hubby declared that the kitty was not welcome overnight (I had planned to keep it up to a week while searching for its owner). So I called the Humane Society to ask a few questions, and I was informed that harboring a stray is illegal! So, alas, the kitty currently abides at the local Humane Society, where I can only hope it finds its way home. Maybe I'll post flyers in the neighborhood anyways, informing readers where the kitty is.