Well, for those of you following the saga (hah) of my life (see my last daylog, August 10, 2000), I am still married. We talked things out that night, and I think I got through to him. I'm still not sure if it will change things though. In fact, he still did truck things on Friday and Monday. So I guess things haven't changed, but he knows how I feel and he does seem to be making more of an effort to consider me before making his own plans.

Blah! Maybe if I just ignore things again....

I am tired of being too busy at work. This has been the first chance to do some noding since the 10th, and I really only have time to do this daylog. What about my Jimmy Buffett nodes? Do they miss me? I miss them - those happy little nodes about other people and their lives. Maybe I'll sneak one in later.

Currently listening to Phat Blues Music.

I would scream you a love song, but I might make too much noise
But sometimes you can't be heard, unless you raise your voice.

I did manage to node a Buffett tune! Yay me!