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I don't like daylogs, but fuck it. It's been one of those days.

I woke up this morning with a tongue in my mouth. It didn't belong to me. It didn't belong to any hypothetical lover I might've had last night. It was, in fact, not connected to anyone. I'm afraid I freaked out and flushed it down the toilet. Yes, I should've called the police and reported it. Like I said, I freaked out. I puked my guts out, brushed my teeth 'til my gums were bloody. And I went to work anyway, because staying in my house was too creepy.

I got to work and found that someone had rearranged my office overnight. Moved my desk next to the window where the sun shines right into my eyes. Very irritating. The desk is massive and heavy, so I'll have to request for someone from maintenance to help me move it back. The lights won't stop flickering and chittering.

Sitting in an office with flickering lights while the sun blinds you is no fun, so I went to the break room and got a coke and a bag of M&Ms. The coke tasted strangely warm, red, and salty. The bag of M&Ms was full of crickets.

The restroom was worse. Not a single stall or sink was in useable condition, so I just puked on the floor and left.

The phones are out, and the streets are deserted.