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The trick is asking yourself "Why not"? And not listening to the answer.
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July 14, 2011
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The outlook:
I welcome feedback to a creepy extent. If you've got something to say about a writeup of mine, please say it. It's the only way I'll learn.

I come to E2 to practice the art of putting words after other words; this place is a part of what, in simpler times, would've been my bottom drawer. In this light it's especially unfortunate that most of my fiction has so far turned out to suck five kinds of suck in a two-suck town, through a straw.

Blah blah blah blah blah:
*tap* *tap* Is this thing on? The nick's Kizor, which is something that sounds cool when you're thirteen and Finnish. I'm hoping I can use this place as an outlet for some of my ideas so I can express myself, better my skills and get the damn things to leave me alone. I'm too smart but not wise enough, predictably geeky, a procrastinating slacker disgusted with that and hoping to become a productive if somewhat surreal person and a standard male despite using the phrase "I want to have your children" as a profound compliment. It's just too good not to.

At present, I am still unable to create self-aware fiction that doesn't become self-destructive, a non-Lay Christian - don't know about devout - and trying to plan an Eastern-style computer role-playing game where every character is a tree.

The modest yet disturbing quote collection:

"you know I think about you whenever i read the cunnilingus faq"
-Halspal's stalker to him

Notice: this node in no way implies that you are a hamster.
-Everything2 as a 300 pound kitten

<golFUR> You have to admit, a young boy's first time menstruating often comes as a shock.

<wertperch> Interstingly enough, "tits eat the universe" anagrams to "Sister Auntie The Vet"

<Angela> Don't worry dear, I wouldn't do it to anyone who didn't ask for it.

<Simulacron3> Each metaphor a riddle, each riddle a part of you. Now take off your pants.

<TheDeadGuy> Hello, riff raff types.
<nodog the goldfish> hello dead man
<nodog the goldfish< explain your animation
<TheDeadGuy> You draw a lot of pictures that are very similar but with subtle differences and then show them all in sequence with each picture very briefly occupying a frame.

<Simulacron3> This place is an exploded brain aftermath.

Dem Bones (attributed): The catbox is bad TV.

<Simulacron3>: There is much that is not kitten.

<Clockmaker> E2 is an amazing mélange of incredible generosity and people getting into fights and leaving forever at the drop of a hat.

Andromache01 has a most delightful one.

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