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You may see me sometimes walking to class, or reading in the park. I will look at you and smile shyly and put my head back down. That's enough to intrigue you. You think I am coy and small. You can read me by that small half smile, so sweet and so sheltered. You can take me and keep me in a box and late at night I will come out and whisper dreams to you.

But sometimes, when no one is looking, I am beautiful. I am bold. I am vivacious. I am tall and slender with bright eyes and curly long hair. I look you in the eye and push my chin up. I meet you face to face and you are taken with me. You can't think of anything but me. I absorb you as you absorb me.

But for now, I will sit here and read my book. I will push the loose strands of hair back into my messy bun, held with a dull #2. I will set the glasses back on my nose, and I will smile. I will smile because I know that after you pass me, I am beautiful.