The Star Wars Anti-Smoking Ad was the flagship ad for weekday afternoon and Saturday morning cartoons. It was broadcast so often, at least in Massachusetts, that everyone my age even memorized the R2D2 beep sequences. And after, what, twenty years, I still think it's the best anti-smoking ad ever. Much better than the pathetic "Tobacco Is Whacko" ads.


C3PO wanders through a seemingly abandoned space station 
with a quizzical expression.

        R2?  R2D2 where are you?

C3PO rounds the corner where he sees R2D2 with a cigarette.  
R2D2 beeps in a salutory manner.

        R2!  You're on fire!

R2D2 beeps in a condescending manner.

        R2D2, you've found a cigarette!

R2D2 beeps proudly.

        Well I don't think smoking makes you look grown-up
        at all!

R2D2 beeps ashamedly.

        Smoking does dreadful things to your lungs, and is 
        very bad for your heart!

R2D2 beeps inquisitively.

        Well, I know I don't have one, but humans do,
        and I think we should set a good example!

R2D2 beeps triumphantly.  The clamp holding the cigarette 
deposits it in the trash, and retracts into R2D2's casing.

        Well done, R2!
            (to the camera)
        You know smoking's bad for you, and it doesn't make 
        you look grown up at all.  So please, don't smoke.

Credits for the American Lung Assocation roll.  In the 
corner, C3PO and R2D2 appear.

        R2?  Do you really think I don't have a heart?

R2D2 hums sadly.