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The Shark metanode!

I figured that my E2 username gives me the moral responsibility to make sure that my namebrethren - the sharks - are properly covered here on E2. The sharks are gorgeous, yet somewhat savage creatures, definitely worth a lot of information.

Nodes about sharks:

For nodes about shark types, please refer to the english names in the list further down in this writeup.

Shark encounters:

Movies featuring sharks:

Shark music:

Misc shark nodes:

Complete list of shark types:

Type: Hexanchiformes (Sixgill, Sevengill, and Frilled sharks)

Chlamydoselachidae family:

Hexanchidae family:

Type: Squaliformes (Dogfish sharks)

Echinorhinidre family:

Squalidae family:

Ozynotidae family:

Type: Pristiophoriformes (Sawsharks)

Prisiophoridae family:

Type: Squatiniformes (Angelsharks)

Squatinidae family:

Type: Heterodontiformes (Bullhead sharks)

Type: Orectolobiformes (Carpetsharks)

Parascyllidae family:

Brachaluridae family:

Orectolobidae family:

Hemiscyllidae family:

Rhincodontidae family:

Type: Lamniformes (Mackerel sharks)

Odontaspididae family:

Pseudocharchariidae family:

Mitsukurinidae family:

Megachasmidae family:

Alopiidae family:

Cetorhinidae family:

Lamnidae family:

Type: Carcharhiniformes (Groundsharks)

Scyliorhinidae family:

Proscylliidae family:

Pseudotriakidae family:

Leptochariidae family:

Triakidre family:

Hemigaleidae family:

Carcharhindidae family:

Sphyrnidae family:

The english shark names that are linked are noded - that way, you will not have to dig through hundreds of broken liks if you want to read shark information :) If you have any suggestions for additional nodes or anything else that needs to be changed in this node, /msg me.