see also: ZAO, Symphony in Peril

Haste the Day is one of the most progressive, precise hardcore bands I've heard in a long time. Pure adrenaline metal if I had to label it, this music pumps you up.


Coming straight outta' Indianapolis, Haste the Day's lineup includes: Devin Chaulk, Brennan Chaulk, Jason Barnes, Jimmy Ryan and Mike Murphy. The band is on Tooth and Nail records, a Christian label, although they don't emphasize religion on their sophomore realease, Burning Bridges. They do emphasize however, some of the heaviest guitar riffs anyone's ever heard, and some of the most precise, quick breakdowns in their music.


The drummer for Haste is constantly playing so fast and precision like, it's hard to comprehend how he fits some of the amazing playing he can do into some of the toughest, tightest places throughout the song. The guitarists are constantly slamming their way through every heart pounding song on this CD. Haste knows how to build up the music to one of the most bad ass breakdowns in hardcore today. If you are into hardcore, you can relate their vocals to that of ZAO's lead singer, Dan Weyandt, RUTHLESS. One may wonder how he can go from such a vision blurring death vocal to a soothing, melodic singing vocal without skipping a beat. This is not one of those bands who scream constantly the whole way through the CD without much vocal range, this keeps you listening without getting bored of the vocals.