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"Zone" is also the title of a poem written by Guillaume Apollinaire in 1912. "Zone" was published in his Alcools collection in 1913 as the first piece in the book, although it was the final one composed for the sequence (Bloch, 2017). The Alcools (tr. as Spirits) collection contains numerous other well-regarded verses, including "L'Adieu" and "Le Pont Mirabeau." Perhaps the publisher placed "Zone" as the lead-off piece in the collection to catch the eyes of bookstall browsers; or alternatively, Apollinaire may have chosen to give it that position during his manuscript preparation.

In References below I provide a link to a second, posthumous edition of Alcools, which is a digitalized photographic reproduction of the Gallimard 1920 publication, so that you can easily see the remarkable French poem "Zone" or peruse Alcools further if interested. Apollinaire died in the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, age 38.


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