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Two Sheds drives. His passengers include Lex Luthor and Rupert Giles.

(excerpt from JD’s Dream Log: January 12, 2006)

Read this. I feel like I’m home too.

“I found this place on the web,” I say. “It’s full of writers. Good ones. They’re all over the place like some kind of weird headless death cult of writer apostles. I’ve written some things for them and they’re NICE to me. They tell me if they love stuff or hate it. They threaten to castrate me when I insult the bands they like. I feel like I’m home. These people, they think like me. It’s called Everything2. They have these rules. Dole out points. It makes them write better, they think. They really try to make each other happy with their writing. They can’t stop. They write and write because their genes make them do it.”